Integrated Due Diligence For Financial Institutions

June 6 – 7,  2018 – Toronto

Know before you go!  A thorough due diligence review is the most effective way to avoid costly surprises and reputational damage due to issues that are not detected before major decisions are made. Whether your institution is involved in a major acquisition deal or launching a new product, a risk-based due diligence process will provide assurance that all high-risk items have been identified, assessed and addressed, prior to approval and implementation.

This seminar covers all aspects of the due diligence process applied by financial institutions, in either a proprietary or fiduciary capacity, before major business decisions are made. In addition to familiarizing participants with the overall due diligence process, this course addresses specific risks related to mergers and acquisitions, know your customer, new product approval and outsourcing.

                                                   CPE Hours: Course – 12 hours



Risk  Data Management and Reporting

June 4 – 5,  2018 – Toronto

Risk management is a key component of every financial institution’s governance framework. To identify, assess and manage risk effectively, risk-data must be collected, processed, aggregated and reported in a secure and well-controlled environment.  Additionally, compliance with regulations such as risk-based capital rules, specifically require challenging data quality and modeling standards to be met.

This seminar addresses best practices with respect to steps required to turn source data into reliable information that can be used to enhance risk management and decision-making processes at financial institutions, and to comply with federal regulations and international standards. During this session, we will review Risk Data  Management along the spectrum of governance:  identification, collection, tracking, modelling, internal/external reporting and impacts on regulatory capital.

CPE Hours: Course – 12 hours



Technology and Cybersecurity Risk Management

December 13 – 14, 2017 • Toronto

Information, technology and cybersecurity risk management are near the top of every organization’s priority list. In many cases, however, the subject remains the responsibility of compliance and IT departments despite the pervasive financial, reputational and regulatory risks they represent.

Dealing with an intangible, unpredictable risk to your business that presents tremendous financial, reputational and regulatory threats is a difficult task to grasp, to budge and to keep firmly on the agenda…until disaster strikes.




IFRS 17 – Insurance Contract Accounting 

November 21 – 23, 2017 • Toronto

IFRS 17, the insurance contracts standard, establishes a global standard for accounting and reporting of insurance contracts. It clearly embodies the IASB’s commitment to an approach that severs the link between insurance assets and liabilities for accounting purposes.

Moving forward, insurers will be compelled to deal with significant new volatility on financial statements. These changes, and the resulting financial statement impact, will have appreciable collateral impact – products may be discontinued, investment strategies will be altered, regulatory capital and required ratios are significantly affected.

 CPE Hours: Course – 14 hours